Hot Stone Reflexology + Iconic Detox Foot Bath

Hot Stone Reflexology is a unique and luxurious spa treatment that is designed to leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and revitalised

The journey begins with our iconic detox foot bath, which draws out toxins and impurities from the body through the feet.  As you soak your feet in the warm soothing water you will feel your muscles start to relax and your mind begin to unwind.

Next you will be guided to our comfortable and wide massage bed where heated basalt stones will be strategically placed around your body. These stones will be placed under your lower back, neck, shoulders and hands to further relax and heal your mind and body.  Placing hot stones on your abdomen are will also improve digestion and can ease any menstrual cramps.

While relaxing on the bed, a Bioptron Light is used, emitting a narrow spectrum of light that includes visible and infrared wavelengths which stimulate and boost cellular energy production. This therapy adds another layer of relaxation and healing helping to improve your overall wellbeing.

The hot stones are then used to work the reflex and pressure points in your feet which are connected to different organs and system in the body. This reflexology technique helps to improve circulation, reduce muscle tension and promote healing allowing for a deep sense of relaxation.

The combination of hot stone reflexology, iconic detox foot bath and bioptron light therapy is a powerful way to release stress and tension from your body, ensuring that you will leave feeling refreshed, renewed and revitalised.

1 Person | 80 Minutes | $180 - Special $120
2 People | 80 Minutes | $99 per person