Signature Facial Sculpturing Treatment

This luxurious non-surgical treatment includes a deep cleanse & steam that warms and softens the facial muscles to increase circulation and gives deeper access to collagen production.

The combination of lymphatic drainage and deep tissue sculpturing techniques is used to improve skin tone and lift the facial muscles. This anti-aging treatment leaves skin instantly improved and results in plump, hydrated, and glowing skin. 

BIOPTRON® Hyperlight Therapy improves microcirculation and enhances angiogenesis (the formation and maintenance of capillaries) and as a result, it can help with restoring the natural luminosity of the face, reducing discoloration, and fading away blemishes. 

Hot stones are strategically placed on and around the body for deep muscle softening and ultimate relaxation.

Finish your treatment with amazing hot stone reflexology which is so important to feeling grounded before going into the world. Finally, experience a few minutes of crystal bowl sound healing. 

Rhonda uses specially curated bespoke products which result in a highly personalised and effective treatment that is much safer and has little or no downtime.

1 hour 30 minutes | NZD $250
Series of 6 treatments prepaid | NZD $1250

Add On

Iconic Detox Foot Bath | NZD $75