Ozenity Self Care

It's so important to take care of yourself and to take actions that help improve your life on all levels.

Experience the power of our new Ozenity Self Care Classes which is a safe and effective self-care tool that balances your body’s biochemistry by improving the functionality of your organ and brain health.  Doing Ozenity Classes simultaneously improves your physical health, change your mental state and balance your own emotions for positive change in your life.

Our classes move your central nervous system out of fight or flight and into a deeper sense of inner calm using Jin Shin Jyutsu ancient Japanese acupressure self-care finger holds,

and our coherent breathing correctly distributes vital elements such as oxygen, blood, nutrients and energy throughout your body to optimise organ and brain health.  Our exclusive mind clearing music, cleansing your energy centres and revitalising your spirit.

Life will start flowing more smoothly as you become more aligned with your own internal self and heart.

60 Minute | Rejuvenates and Rebalances Your Body’s Biochemistry | $85 includes 30 day membership to Ozenity Self Care App

60 Minute | Breathing Meditation Plus Ionic Detox Foot Bath | $95 includes 30 day membership to Ozenity Self Care App


Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Bio Cleanse Detox Technologies combine the scientific principles of a Therapeutic Hot Springs, the Healing Energy Force of water with natural “Chi” Energy of the body drawing out toxins and impurities from the body through the feet.  As you soak your feet in the warm soothing water you will feel your muscles start to relax and your mind begin to unwind.

This very safe and effective detox system uses water to create a process of complex ionization. By charging the water to aid the body in cleansing toxins and stimulating the Energy Core of the body.

40 Minutes | Ionic Detox Foot Bath | $60